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Claims Important Telephone Numbers
Motor Fleet Claims Guide
Motor Fleet Claims Checklist
Claims Advice Document
Motor Claims Form
Liability Claims Form
Agriculture Theft Claim Form
Allianz Property Claim Form
Property Claims Form
Claims Important Telephone Numbers
Additional Drivers Form
Ascend Trade Credit Insurance Questionnaire
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Ascend Broking Markel Law Token and Advice
Markel Law Brochure
Ascend Law
Allianz Motor Claims Inflation Guide
Aviva Health and Wellbeing Guide
Remaining Business Resilient in Challenging Times
Returning to Work Guide – May 2020
Directors & Officers  – 2019
– Why you require this important cover
Winter Risk Management Advice – 2019
Green Cards – FAQ
Healthcare Newsletter 2018 – Markel Care Newsletter
Underinsurance Brochure Ascend – What to consider in conjunction with the ABI
Employment Facts & Figures – Facts & Figures
Directors & Officers – Legislative & Regulatory Risks –  Allianz White Paper
Construction – Defects or Damage – Zurich White Paper
Ascend help bulk shipping movements
Motor fleet premium rises unexpectedly
Haulage operator premiums increase dramatically
Niche motor trader left without cover
Plumbing contractor faces collapse
Motor trader reviewed & solution provided
Used car sales & evolving market
Commercial insurance management
Upgrading a Motor Trade Policy
Cyber Excess Layer Provided
Incorrect rebuild sum insured
NBC fleet into fleet related policy
Domiciliary and Supported Living
Specialist professional indemnity solution provided
Large property owners struggling with premium and service – £17k saving!
Specialist haulage solution provided
Stuck in a long-term agreement? No problem!
“Can’t get hold of my broker – it’s due on Sunday…”
Residents facing premium increases
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– Broker Claims Team of the Year
Commercial Insurance Awards 2019
– Growth Team of the Year
Broker Innovation Awards 2019
– Start-up of the Year
Insurance Times Awards 2019
– Start-up of the Year
UK Broker Awards 2019
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